Our young plants are growing greener

This exceptional propagation system will not harm the environment but ensures a faster root development

In our quest of finding better ways to grow healthier plants while being friendlier with the environment, Vista Farms is transitioning to growing our young plants to the Ellepot system from loose-filled trays during the 2019 growing season. We have already seen the benefits firsthand and want to share our experience with you.

The heart of the system is a biodegradable paper pot. Therefore, it will not harm the environment, but ensures a faster root development resulting in higher quality plants. The paper keeps the soil together but allows roots to pass through. These pots are filled with growing media and then inserted into a growing tray. The Ellepot Trays create excellent conditions for rooting young plants by facilitating air circulation and drainage. The paper pot holds the growing media together allowing us to use a better-aerated mix. This system has numerous advantages to you as a grower of finished plants.

Ellepot Young plant Bougainvillea example

Ellepot young plant example

  • Stimulates air pruning of the roots, promoting branching along with enhancing the quantity and quality of the roots.
  • Completely eliminates root circling.
  • Better adapted to mechanical transplanting.
  • Eliminates transfer shock.
  • Substantially reduces transplant loses.
  • Significantly decreases shipping loses.
  • Lower shipping weight.
  • Faster crop turnover and availability.

At Vista Farms, we take pride in becoming more efficient and grow greener in order to serve all our customers, from small nurseries to large commercial growers. We look forward to shipping you our young plants in the Ellepot system and welcome your feedback.


At Vista Farms, we have wide varieties of bougainvillea, including Dümman Bougainvilleas. We also offer a great selection of ixoras and hibiscus including Hollywood Hibiscus. Our extensive stock and modern propagation facilities allow us filling up diverse your plantings need.  Contact us for more information.

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